Wealth Skills' Quick Performance Report

The start of 2014 has certainly been fantastic for the Stock Markets!

Our spectrum of products enhances the opportunities for investors of all kinds including business owners. The Economic Cycles Course enables business owners and private investors to plan and budget for the natural cycles of boom and recession. Our Stock Market Course provides insight into investing with companies that you can hold for generating income or creating capital gain. The ultimate level of investing is being in a position of turning over capital with reasonable risk and above average return. Here there are certain factors that YOU need to consider:

  • Personal or business goals
  • Financial needs
  • Risk profile
  • Capital available
  • Time available
  • Investing preferences
  • Opportunity
  • Discipline in decisions
Begin investing by taking small steps.

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Markets Technical Analysis with Warrick Selzer Dec 2012 With Samantha Loring CNBC Africa

Global Performance

Date- March 11 - We discussed weakness and downside retracement in an ELLIOT WAVE cycle 3 down.

This led to almost another 300 pts down on the DAX, over 400 pts on the JSE ALL SHARE and so on...

Markets are highly volatile at present and only short term trades are currently being considered outside of strong sectors we discuss. We are short selling the markets except for Gold.


Trade GOLD, OIL, SILVER, PLATINUM & other minor commodities directly to benefit most clean market movement! **Retracement taking place now** So we are closed of our short positions.

The weaker USD swing has put massive pressure on the precious metals and commodities.

We have been short GOLD, Platinum and general commodities like OIL for a few weeks now. Closed early this week.

Most recently, we discussed a weak rally for the USD (EUR1.35 to 1.39) which translates into similar for commodities in general.

Long term we are very bullish on commodities and have been since 2009.

Stock Picks

Recent stock picks (and long standing favourites) have performed well yet again.

Resources based stocks such as Anglo American, BHP Billiton, Exxaro, Kumba Iron ore & Sasol are always on our radar AND currently we are short selling these expecting them to go down in price and we make money doing so!

We also continue to favour stocks from the TECH, PHARM, ALTx and General Retailers sectors as long term out performers or inflation hedging winners. SAB miller & Mr Price are some considerations.         Course info...

Hot Sectors

Our Hot Sectors are discussed our "State of the Markets Address" where we discuss over 40 different sectors on the JSE for opportunities in short term, swing trades & long term focus!

Some of our recent winners are such sectors as Construction, Short selling the Mining, RESI and Base Metals. Buying Pharm, Tech, AUTM. Short selling RESOURCES, Industrials!

The RAND was also a massive WINNER over the last two weeks from above 1100c to our target of 1060c and may go even weaker!      Course info...

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