ALSI Apprentice Day Trading Training Courses

ALSI Apprentice Day Trading training focuses on no-nonsense Fast-Tracking investors with existing experience!

ALSI Apprentice workshops - NEXT 2nd June ! This Alsi Trading room run ONLY on a quarterly basis and includes Free Access to our ALSI DAY Trading room in the month of the workshop! The next ALSI Day Trading Course runs on the 2nd September 2014 in Midrand! Email now

We provide a Full Day Trader Training course which covers LIVE DAY trading examples in a class room setting with trading strategies discussed. The Full Day training is followed up with the rest of the month Free Access to the ALSI Apprentice trading room using Skype where we spend 2 hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings looking for potential trades and explaining why we want to take them.


  • PSYCHOLOGY OF TRADING! - No. 1 reason traders fail.
  • Trading strategy X3
  • Choice of broker and why its vital
  • FREE software to use
  • Online trading resources
  • When to trade
  • Entry levels
  • Exit levels
  • Fibonacci
  • Elliot waves
  • Chart patterns
  • AND Candle patterns...AND MORE!

Get FREE ACCESS to the ALSI Apprentice Trading room in the same month!* R1500 Saving!
ALSI Trading Course Date:

::: 2nd June
::: VENUE: Centurion
::: TIME: 8h15 - 17h20
Course FEE: R3950
including ALSI Trading Room Access for the same month with SKYPE and Webinar software for Screen Sharing (R1500 saving!)

EARLY Registration means you get the ALSI Apprentice Technical Analysis book ahead of time!

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Stock Market courses include Stock Market Basics, Advanced Stock Market, ALSI Apprentice & Technical Analysis Courses. Business training courses include Small Business Development Success course & Personal Finance course. Then come see our Investing videos and Subscribe to our Monthly Investment Newsletter Membership Now!

Markets Technical Analysis with Warrick Selzer Dec 2012 With Samantha Loring CNBC Africa

ALSI Apprentice Results:

January results of the
ALSI Trading Room were fair
with the ALSI Trading under
very volatile circumstances.

Lindi achieved a recorded 1013 pts
from the 10th Jan to month end!
With our modest aim of 250 points per week
she reached target
despite the fairly harsh conditions!

Lindi in April banked 1600 pts on the ALSI
"Well Done Lindi!"

Jozua banked 600 pts 1st week May 2012! He made R33,000 in July! Go Jozua!!
Chris, a 50-something old male from Lydenburg, made R25,000 in August!


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Trading Room

Learn to analyze and trade stock markets, as you join the ALSI Apprentice trading room in our Real Time ALSI trading sessions.

Discover successful trading strategies, trading discipline, risk management and understanding of the stock market by entering the ALSI Apprentice Trading course! Stock Market training courses on offer now!

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ALSI Apprenttice Course

  • ALSI Apprentice involves a Full Day Trader training course with LIVE Trading sessions demonstrated!
  • We introduce our Day Trading ALSI Strategies in REAL TIME Trading
  • You Learn about Risk, Trading Psychology and Discipline
  • Discover how Margin works, best trading times & days
  • Get FREE ACCESS to the ALSI Apprentice Trading SKYPE room in the same month!* R1500 Saving!
  • ALSI Trading Course Date:2nd June ::: VENUE: Centurion ::: TIME: 8h15 - 17h00
  • Course FEE: R3950 including ALSI Trading Room Access for the same month (R1500 saving!)
  • Day Trading ALSI index room includes occassional use of Screen sharing webinar software to enable better understanding of LIVE DAY trading opportunities using our trading strategy!